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esraa warda 

Esraa Warda is New York's emerging dance artist and educator specializing in Algerian & Moroccan traditional dance forms. A child of the Algerian diaspora, Warda is a cultural warrior advocating for the representation & preservation of North African women-led dance traditions and the decolonization of euro-centricity, orientalism, and patriarchy in dance. Featured in VOGUE Arabia, Al Jazeera +, and The Metric, Warda’s performances and workshops have trailblazed their way across institutions and performance venues around the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and North Africa.

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Salim Beltitane is an Algerian percussionist based in France, born from a musician family in Mila, Algeria. Inspired by his upbringing, he pursued the percussive universe by learning music and rhythms from the North African and Arab repertoire, as well as formal music training from Cefedem Ile-de-France. As a music educator he developed a harmonious balance between theoretical teaching and transmitting an organic dialogue between percussion and student. As an international professional musician he has performed extensively across Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

salim beltitane

the artists
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the cd

What are the rhythms on the cd?

There will be 18 fundamental rhythms from 
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, & Libya, plus 6 bonus layer tracks!


1. Allaoui/Reggada
2. Berwali
3. Chaoui 1
4. Chaoui 2
5. Fezzani Trabelsi
6. Filaliya
7. Goubbahi
8. Gnawa 1
9. Gnawa 2


10. Heddi
11. Kabayli
12. Meddahate 1
13. Meddahate 2
14. Moroccan Chaabi
15. Mrabba Bedwi
16. Rai Modern
17. Soussi
18. Staifi


What is unique about this cd?

All the rhythm tracks were recorded by a professional North African percussionist using all traditional instrumentation giving the tracks undeniable swing and groove!

We include western musical notation for all rhythms, AND have also created our own unique notation system using funky North African-inspired symbols for those who don't read music.

We include a 12-page booklet with basic pedagogical, geographic, and cultural information on each rhythm.


What are uses for the cd?

There are unlimited uses for such a resource!

If you are a musician/percussionist, you can practice rhythms on derbouka & bendir, which most patterns are designed for.

If you are a dancer, the rhythms are a perfect tool for practicing footwork.

If you are a North African person, it's a great gateway to reconnect with the rhythms of the motherland.

Whatever you choose to do with the CD, make sure you tag us! : 


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the cd

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